1. Who can apply for a full service car rental?
All private individuals between the ages of 23 and 75 who are Estonian citizens or have a valid residence
permit and a valid driver’s license can apply for a full service rental.
All operating businesses that have no valid debt can apply for a full-service lease.
2. What documents do I need to rent a car with full service?
Business customers must provide the company name and registration code, and individuals
must provide the tenant’s name and personal identification number.
3. What is a complex lease?
Full service rental is a convenient alternative to leasing when, depending on the tariff plan,
car-related services are included in a fixed monthly fee for the entire rental period.
With full-service rentals, it’s easy to prevent unexpected expenses and save you valuable time.
4. What is the initial rent payment?
The initial rental payment is the amount that is paid before the car is handed over to the customer.
Choosing a lease agreement with an initial rent payment results in a lower monthly fee.
For most of our range of rental cars, we also offer a €0 down payment option.
5. Can my family member use my full service rental car?
Yes. We will give them permission.