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What is full-service rental?


Full-service rental of a new car or a car with low mileage is the most convenient solution for individuals and business clients, as it allows you to concentrate on more important tasks. This solution saves time and money for the user of a full-service rental compared to leasing. By making a choice in favor of a full-service rental, you can entrust us with the solution of all issues with the maintenance and car care.

Full-service rental can be offered at least for a period of 12 to 60 month. If you want to rent a car for a shorter period we recommend you check our short-term rental page.

Scroll down the page and you can take a look at the difference between full-service rental and leasing.

Why should you choose full-service rental?​


Company that selects a full-service rental, can be sure of every day of using a car, because all related car maintenance costs are included in a fixed monthly payment and the price is fixed until the end of the contract period.

Full-service rental is the most comfortable solution for those who want to save their time and can focus on their main activity. Long term rentals are suitable for both individuals and business-clients.

Full-service rental provides you a 24/7 support that can make your life easier and solve any problems that may occur on the road. We understand how important time is for our clients, and we help our clients as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Full-service rental provides you flexibility. Unfortunately sometimes there are situations where you need to react quickly and flexibly, our return policy gives you that opportunity.

First rental payment starting from €0

If it's needed we can offer €0 first rental payment.

Single fixed payment

All related car maintenance costs are included in a fixed monthly payment and the price is fixed until the end of the contract period.

The maintenance processes

You can rely on us for car maintenance, tire change, technical inspection and registration of road accidents.

Get a replacement car

In the event of a technical malfunction of the vehicle or a traffic accident, we provide you a free replacement vehicle.

Flexible return terms

You have the right to return the car before the end of the rental period.

Fleet management


Fleet management is a necessary service for companies that value the time of their employees and want the company to focus on the main company’s processes.

Fleet management service allows you to delegate all processes related to the maintenance and care of the car. Using the fleet management service, the company provides itself the comfort of using a car.

Fleet management service is available for companies whose fleet size is 5 or more cars, if the company has less than 5 cars, we recommend using our full-service rental service. The company can use the fleet management service even if the financing and purchase of cars took place without the participation of RW-Rent OÜ.

In case the financing of the vehicle fleet took place without the participation of RW-Rent OÜ, in addition to the fleet management service, we also provide a refinancing service for your vehicle fleet, which will be presented below.

Fleet refinancing


The vehicle fleet refinancing service is a necessary service for those companies that, for some reason, are dissatisfied with the current conditions of servicing and financing of the vehicle fleet and would like to make changes to improve the quality of using the vehicle fleet.

If a company has a fleet of vehicles financed or managed by another company, it can contact us with a request to refinance the vehicle fleet and its further management by RW-Rent OÜ.

Each customer and each project is individual, please contact us for more detailed information on the refinancing service of the vehicle fleet.

Our Services


Full-service rental

Get a new car. First rental payment starting from €0 Single fixed payment. Get a free replacement car if it's needed.

Fleet management

Systematic and timely fleet management. Save your time, trust us to manage your vehicle fleet.


Tire change, technical inspection, registration of road accidents, fuel card and vehicle drop-off and pick-up service

Fleet refinancing

Refinance your vehicle fleet. Transfer your vehicle fleet to us. Let the professionals do their job well. Stay focused on your business.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!